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Aarque Group switches to Oracle CRM

30 Nov 2010

Aarque Group, a supplier of format copying and printing technologies, has implemented Oracle CRM On Demand to accommodate growth, boost sales and respond better to business change.

Oracle CRM On Demand will be used as a management tool between employees based at its six main offices.

“Mobile sales staff are more efficient and productive, with greater access and visibility of customer information,” said the company. “Management can better understand the effectiveness of offsite sales operations.”

It took Oracle New Zealand Platinum Partner Fusion5 eight weeks to implement the solution.

Future plans include linking the new CRM system to staff calendars, expanding the use of analytics capabilities to build more targeted marketing campaigns and linking the system to the company’s ecommerce website.

“The prospect of further company growth was inconceivable without first investing in a reliable, robust and rapidly deployable CRM platform that could match our company’s rate of expansion,” said Aarque Commercial Manager, Alister Jeans.

“The technologies used in our industry change very quickly; and we are using Oracle CRM On Demand to ensure we are in the best position to respond and adapt to these changes.”