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Cisco third in blade market

01 Jun 2011

The IDC Worldwide Quarterly Server Tracker shows Cisco holding 9.4% of factory revenue in the worldwide bladed server segment, behind HP and IBM, but ahead of Dell. HP continues to hold the lion’s share of the market at 50% share, with IBM at 20.2% and Dell at 8.4%. "After several years of being a highly consolidated market where the top three vendors accounted for over 80% of blade revenue, the recent entry of Cisco has introduced a viable new competitor to the market,” IDC research manager for enterprise servers, Jed Scaramella says.IDC says blade vendors fared well for the quarter, with blade revenue growing at twice the rate of the total market. The market grew 23.8%, year on year, with shipment growth increasing 5.4% compared to Q1 2010. IDC says overall, bladed servers, including x86, EPIC and RISC blades, accounted for US$1.8 billion in revenues, representing 15.2% of quarterly server market revenue. Nearly 90% of all blade revenue is driven by x86-based blades, which now represent 20.5% of all x86 server revenue, the research company says.HP held number one in overall worldwide server market share with 31.5% factory revenue share for the period, followed by IBM at 29.9% and Dell at 15.6%. Oracle and Fujitsu rounded out the top five, with Cisco maintaining 1.6% factory revenue share overall.