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Kiwi IT spending to hit $11 billion by 2013

15 Nov 2012

IT spending in New Zealand is forecast to reach $11 billion, representing a 2% growth from 2012 despite being slower than the worldwide predicted growth.

That is according to research firm Gartner, who predicts Asia Pacific spending will reach US$743 billion next year, showing a 7.8% increase in all five major segments of the industry.

The devices segment (including PCs, tablets, mobile phones & printers) across the region Asia Pacific is projected to total US$229.7 billion, a 12.3% rise from 2012 spending.

“As global markets improve in 2013 and resume growth, Asia Pacific remains one of the bright spots of the global IT market, allowing organisations in this region to accelerate competitiveness,” says Peter Sondergaard, senior vice president Gartner.

“Organisations in Asia Pacific will be able to innovate and compete using what we call the nexus of forces, or the intersection of Cloud, Mobile, Social and Information.

"New business models will emerge in this region.”

Addressing nearly 2,000 industry figures at the Gartner Symposium in Gold Coast, Sondergaard said spending in Australia is forecast to grow 3.2% to reach A$75.5 billion.

Data centre systems spending is also on the rise, with Sondergaard predicting US$28.6 billion spend during 2013, a 9.5% from 2012.

Software spending will total US$33.9 billion, up 11.9%; IT services spending will reach US$91.5 billion billion, up 7.5%, and telecom services is projected to total US$359.4 billion, a 4.8% increase from 2012 according to the findings.