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Oracle launches second Gen 2 Cloud region in India

01 Jul 2020

Oracle’s second India cloud region is now live in Hyderabad, complementing the company’s existing India region in Hyderabad and a wider network of cloud regions around the world.

Oracle, which aims to launch 36 second-generation cloud regions by the end of 2020, currently operates cloud regions in Asia Pacific, the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, and various government regions in the United States and the United Kingdom.

The latest Oracle Cloud launch in Hyderabad comes a year after the company launched its Mumbai Cloud region in 2019.

“A large number of Indian organisations are looking to change growth orbits with greater focus on cloud-led innovation. With two Oracle Cloud regions live in India, we’re fully geared to support our 15,000 plus customers in their innovation journey, with adequate support by nearly 1000 specialized Oracle partners,” comments Oracle India regional managing director Shailender Kumar.

Oracle recently announced the opening of five Oracle Cloud regions in Melbourne (Australia), Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), Osaka (Japan), Amsterdam (the Netherlands) and Chuncheon (South Korea). 

“Enterprises across JAPAC are turning to Oracle Cloud to rapidly improve performance and accelerate innovation to launch new products faster to market and create incredible customer experiences,” comments Oracle Japan and Asia Pacific executive vice president Garrett Ilg. 

“With Oracle opening dual cloud regions in Australia, Japan, Korea and now India, we are further renewing our commitment to support growth in the new decade.”

By the end of 2020, the company plans to open additional new cloud regions in the US (San Jose, CA), Brazil (Vinhedo), the UK (Cardiff, Wales), Singapore, Israel, South Africa (Johannesburg), Chile (Santiago), Saudi Arabia and two in the United Arab Emirates.

According to the company, Oracle Cloud second-generation cloud is built and optimized specifically to help enterprises run their most demanding workloads securely.

“Now, as Indian enterprises start their journey towards getting back onto the growth track, they will look first for locally-based cloud infrastructure and services providers that can provide low latency, in-country services to access data and its data management and analysis, bullet-proof security and interoperable cloud environments,” comments IDC India principal analyst, cloud and artificial intelligence, Rishu Sharma. 

“A provider that can fulfill these demands and complies with the data sovereignty laws of the country will be viewed as a partner of choice.”

Currently available Oracle Cloud regions include:

  • Asia Pacific: Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul, Mumbai, Sydney, Melbourne, Chuncheon, Hyderabad
  • Americas: Phoenix, Ashburn, Toronto, Sao Paolo, Montreal
  • Europe: Frankfurt, London, Zurich, Amsterdam
  • Middle East: Jeddah
  • Government: two general United States. Government regions, three United States Department of Defense specific Government regions, one in the United Kingdom.
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