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Retail sector vulnerable to threats, Intel Security seeks solution

In order to provide better retail kiosk security options, Intel Security is collaborating with Kiosk Information Systems, the custom self-service solutions provider.

As a result of the partnership, Kiosk now offers licencing options to allow users to secure their self-service retail platforms with Intel Security’s McAfee Integrity Control technology before shipment and installation.

This enables safer connected Internet of Things (IoT) devices used by consumers and global retailers, says Intel.

According to Intel, retailers are facing significant control, security and compliance challenges, and there is a need for cybersecurity solutions to protect the growing number of connected devices used in the retail industry.

Last year was considered the year of the retail data breach, and this year connected technologies in the industry will continue to grow as retailers look for ways to better serve their customers’ needs, Intel says.

Furthermore, more than three billion people are currently online worldwide, and it’s estimated that 75 billion devices will be connected by 2020, including millions of POS devices.

The data on these devices is attractive to hackers looking to leverage credit card information and other customer data for their own financial gain, says Intel.

Built-in security is a key element in the effort to reduce the risks to businesses and consumers, the company says.

“By adding Intel Security’s technology as an integral part of our services offerings, Kiosk will be able to continue to deliver optimal security positioning for retailers to use globally, while maintaining a high-level of protection for consumers.

“It’s also an excellent way to differentiate our solutions by addressing some of today’s most pressing customer data security issues,” says Tom Weaver, Kiosk CEO.

McAfee Integrity Control provides protection for retail devices including self-service transactional kiosks.

The solution combines antivirus, application control and dynamic whitelisting abilities, with McAfee Endpoint Protection Suite and McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator Deep Command software.

Retail System Providers can tailor performance for new and legacy devices, as well as address some of the requirements outlined by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) council.

“Now more than ever before, retailers must be ever-vigilant in protecting the valuable information they hold,” says Tom Moore, Intel Security vice president of world-wide embedded sales.

“It’s important for consumers to know that companies like Kiosk are working to protect their financial information from cyber threats, by trusting Intel to ingrain security deep into the framework of its retail systems,” he says.

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