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Information Strategy news stories

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IT Automation
Digitising boardroom processes for efficiency, information security and better governance
Adding content services to the picture can save time, make data accountability and governance easier, as well as add new levels of efficiency and collaboration. 
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Need for speed: The connection between faster internet and cyber attacks
Could faster internet be one of the major causes why the world is facing more cyber attacks than ever?
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Customer experience
Softlink becomes customer-centric with two new business units
Softlink is taking the customer-centric approach to the education and information centre sectors under its wing, with a new organisational structure.
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HPE launches Verity Suite for superior information governance
HPE is taking global information management and governance seriously by introducing its new HPE Verity suite & Verity Information Archiving.
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Veritas teams up with Microsoft to support cloud service providers
“Joining the Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Alliance is further evidence of our ongoing strategy to support major cloud service providers."
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Mobile technology is changing the healthcare game
Technology is continuing to bridge the healthcare gap, with mHealth information services set to reach more than 150 million users by 2020.
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Why organisations need to earn - not demand - public trust
Businesses must rebuild public confidence in their ability to store and protect NZ citizens’ personal information, says John Kendall of Unisys.
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Enterprises lack true information strategy
Just as business model thinking wasn't mainstream or well rehearsed a decade ago, management thinking at an "information as strategy" level is still evolving.
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Info glut opportunity
With a conservative estimate of $400 million lost from the New Zealand economy every year thanks to an ever increasing ‘information glut’, Hitachi Data Systems is calling on the local reseller channel to help remedy the situation