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Network Management
Superloop helping Aussie K12 schools with latest offering
Superloop has launched CyberEdge, a new cybersecurity platform that will give K12 schools in Australia the tools to optimise, secure and manage their network.
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Human-centric ways of making the workplace desirable to employees
Workers across the globe have been quitting their jobs in record numbers, here's how EverestEngineering's human-centric approach is making a difference.
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Cyber security innovation has stagnated, and we need a new approach
It is often said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. If that is the case, the cyber security community suffers from collective insanity.
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Remote Working
How zero trust and SD-WANs can support productive remote working
The way people connect with applications and data has changed, users are remotely accessing resources that could be stored anywhere from a corporate data center to the cloud.
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Informatica launches new Intelligent Data Management Cloud for retail
Informatica has announced the launch of its new Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC) for retail, with the aim of helping solve problems related to data fragmentation and complexity.
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Data Protection
Three tech tips to thrive in a remote work future
Whether for better or for worse, remote work is here to stay. The battle continues as countries grapple with uneven vaccination rates and new coronavirus variants.
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Cloudflare announces new widely available security tools
Cloudflare has announced new updates to its email security offering, including making enterprise-grade email security tools available to any Cloudflare customer.
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Infinera reveals industry-first suite of pluggable solutions
Infinera has announced availability dates for its ICE-XR, an industry-first suite of intelligent, coherent, optical, pluggable solutions.
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Yieldbroker and Sisense partner for data visualisation solution
Yieldbroker has announced a new collaboration with Sisense to aid its expansion within the Australian and New Zealand market.
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Contact Centre
Analysis: AI the way of the future for modern contact centres
According to a new analysis from NICE, AI technology is going to be the future of the modern contact centre.
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Surfshark launches tool to stop personal info being sold by data brokers
Cybersecurity company Surfshark has released Incogni, a tool that helps prevent personal information from being stored and sold by data brokers.
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Five ways to achieve smarter application management
Applications are the lifeblood of any modern organisation. But left unmanaged, they can throw both security and productivity into jeopardy. 
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Digital Transformation
You're invited: Create custom cloud apps for any industry with Zoho
Zoho is the operating system for business - a single cloud platform with all the necessary applications to run a business entirely from the cloud.
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Managed Services
CompTIA launches customer engagement tool for MSPs
“Many MSPs are winging it, with no real direction or understanding of what it takes to bring on a new customer and keep the customer long term."
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ManageEngine makes a play in the IT analytics market
“We’re uniquely positioned to drive the widespread adoption of this powerful technology... We believe Analytics Plus for ITSM marks a turning point."
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University of Auckland upgrades to 'cutting edge' LMS software
“The shift to Canvas is an important part of our plan to enhance the learning experience, by providing our staff and students with modern tools."
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Big Data
ARANZ Geo talks innovation with inventors and partners in Perth
"ARAN Geo’s Lyceum was a unique opportunity to hear how innovators are embracing fresh thinking to solve problems and create real business value.”
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Need beautiful mock-ups now? Dunnnk reviewed
If you need mock-ups and you need them now, Dunnnk may be just the tool you need.
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Frost & Sullivan applauds VMware for education technology solutions
"WMware's product line reduces reliance on the IT departments in schools and its mobile learning solutions bridge the gap between learning and tech."
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Enterprise AR and wearable tech: Not to be underestimated
“It is clear that the overall status of the enterprise market for AR and wearable technology is at a tipping point."
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Just say no
Think that Facebook addiction may be getting a little out of hand? There'a a cure for that.
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The netguide guide to download managers
It was the last day of the month and I had hardly used any of my monthly 10GB broadband data plan.
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5 useful windows tools
Grab what you need on the go with these useful tools, courtesy of us.
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Pocket Smith
You can enter your scheduled salary, bill payments, rent and grocery bills, and you can make them repeat weekly, fortnightly or monthly.