The Ultimate Guide to Privileged Access Management
2024 edition

Also known as PAM.

Privileged Access Management (PAM) is a widely-used term that revolves around who can access a privileged account within an organisation and what types of things they can do with the account while logged into the organisation's network. In today's changing cyber climate, PAM does not only include privileged account management but also privileged session management as well. As a result, it can often involve a range of systems across an IT environment. Many analysts and technologists consider PAM a crucial security project for any organisation looking to reduce cyber risk and achieve enhanced security ROI. PAM's primary goal is to help organisations condense their attack surface and prevent, mitigate and control the damage that could arise from external attacks, insider wrongdoing or negligence. In essence, this is done by ​restricting or controlling the use of privileged access to improve security.

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