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Adobe rolls out improvements to Document Cloud

17 Oct 2019

Adobe has rolled out new improvements to its Document Cloud, ranging from ways to turn a smartphone into a serious PDF tool, to improved search functionality across all Document Cloud files.

Adobe Scan cleans up PDFs – This feature borrows from image editing technology like Lightroom and Photoshop. Now users manually “erase” fold marks, binding and other imperfections in scans.

Edit on PDF Android and iOS devices – The Acrobat Reader mobile app for those who have Acrobat Pro DC subscribers now has editing  capabilities.

Adobe’s Lisa Croft says, “Subscribers can now easily change text, formatting, and edit lists or add, rotate and resize images in a PDF with just a few taps. This is perfect for making last minute changes on the fly when you have the PDF but not the source file – like fixing a date or a typo on a contract, or swapping out an image or text on a presentation.”

Content search in PDFs – Adobe brings improved search functionality across all of a user’s Document Cloud files. It goes beyond looking at filenames to include words or phrases in PDFs that are saved in Document Cloud.

Star PDFs to Document Cloud – Users can now ‘star’ files to sync them across desktop, web and mobile devices, enabling people to find the right file at the right time. This is a newer way to do things compared to just searching through recent files lists.

To start a PDF review, simply @mention – Start a Shared Review right from the Comment tool with an @mention. Adobe says this is useful for times when users need to bring someone else into the document review to get another opinion, or to resolve a conflict.

One-click Compress and Protect – Users can now compress and password protect files without navigating menus or different tools. Streamlined ways to compress and protect files without fumbling through different menus and tools.

“Reducing a PDF’s file size and protecting the information within are essential actions for true PDF power users. Now, slimming down a bloated file or protecting information against PDF predators is easier than ever with 1-click options directly in the File menu, from whatever tool you’re using,” says Croft.

Acrobat can now prepare forms for multiple signers – Now users can start with an existing form or create a new one in the Prepare Forms tool. Users can add or edit text in a form, and include one or more signers.

Deeper integration with Box – Customers who use both Adobe and Box can now access Acrobat within the Box environment without switching apps or opening a new app.

“We know that your time is precious and that’s why we’re constantly adding new features and delivering more value through all of our PDF tools – so that you can get more done with the PDFs you work with every day, from wherever you choose,” Croft concludes.

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