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AlphaCert & Refinitiv bring data to better investment decisions

23 Aug 2019

AlphaCert and Refinitiv are now offering new data management solutions to New Zealand and Australian investment management sectors.

AlphaCert is an investment data management platform provider and Refinitiv is a global financial markets data provider. The two companies will collaborate to bring high quality data to investors looking to make investment decisions.

"AlphaCert’s collaboration with Refinitiv brings together two world leading platforms for investment data management and market data provision," says AlphaCert CEO Phil Pietersen. 

"By integrating Refinitiv with AlphaCert, customers get access to high quality data to enable the best possible investment decision support.”

AlphaCert’s flexible investment data management platform for multi-billion dollar funds. It provides validated, trusted investment data faster than mature systems from global vendors, according to the company.

“Refinitiv‘s market data helps our customers to enrich their data from custodians and other sources within the AlphaCert platform,” continues Pietersen.

“Enriched data allows investment managers to more accurately gauge their exposure to, for example; certain countries, currencies, markets, regions, and asset types.”

He notes that investors looking at fixed income securities can leverage analytics data, including ESG data from Refinitiv.

“[This] can enrich the data investment managers receive from the custodian bank, and will enable them to gain greater insight into data valuation points.”

“For Refinitiv’s customers, AlphaCert provides a platform for integrating their investment management data with Refinitiv’s comprehensive market data to create a single source of truth,” Pietersen continues.

“Refinitiv customers can also look forward to benefitting from ongoing research and development into visualisation and graph databases by AlphaCert which utilises the vast knowledge graph dataset available.”

He notes that both AlphaCert and Refinitiv are committed to a relationship that delivers high quality, trusted data, powerful analytics and decision support that results in a better experience for Australian and New Zealand customers. 

“Both companies are committed to helping their customers gain greater insight into their data, exposures and risks, so they can make the best investment decisions possible.”

Refinitiv’s Elektron real-time data is also available in the AWS Asia Pacific (Singapore) Region.

The Elektron real-time cloud delivery is designed to simplify access to real-time price information across the financial community and beyond by taking away the need to invest in on-premises infrastructure. 

It is also designed to enable clients to be more nimble by helping them accelerate time to market for businesses that need access to real-time data.

“It’s clear to us that Asia-based firms are starting to aggressively accelerate their cloud plans as they realise how leveraging the cloud across their market data infrastructure can help them move faster, grow their business, reduce their costs and better manage their risks,” says Refinitiv Asia Pacific managing director Alfred Lee.

“Refinitiv is directly meeting the needs of our clients in this region through this cooperation with AWS.”

Refinitiv is one of the world’s largest providers of financial markets data and infrastructure, serving more than 40,000 institutions in more than 190 countries. It provides leading data and insights, trading platforms, and open data and technology platforms that connect the global financial markets community.

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