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Chronosphere’s cloud-native platform’s new release out
Fri, 28th Oct 2022
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Chronosphere, the cloud-native observability platform that puts engineering organizations back in control by taming rampant data growth and cloud-native complexity, has launched a new release of its cloud-native observability platform.

It includes new capabilities designed to improve cloud-native engineering team efficiency by streamlining workflows and speeding up mean time to detection and remediation (MTTD) (MTTR).  

Companies are aggressively adopting cloud-native workflows, infrastructure and applications, creating explosive data growth that makes observability challenging and impossible at worst. 

In fact, according to an upcoming report from Chronosphere, 87% of companies agree that using cloud-native architectures has increased the complexity of discovering and troubleshooting incidents. 

Most observability tools available today do not support cloud-native organizations or those on the path to a cloud-native future, and were not designed to fit into the evolving workflows of modern engineering teams. 

An upcoming report from Chronosphere found that engineers average more than 10 hours per week trying to triage and understand incidents when they could be contributing more time to achieving key business outcomes. 

The Chronosphere platform takes a new approach to cloud-native observability with a reimagined user workflow tailored to the unique ways engineering and DevOps teams work in today's cloud-native environment. 

Chronosphere's platform gives customers the tools to organize their teams, users, and observability data to speed up MTTD and MTTR, making engineers' lives easier and increasing overall productivity.

“Great observability is not about having more data. It is about having the right data, in the right context at the right time.” says Martin Mao, Co-founder and CEO, Chronosphere. 

“The new release of Chronosphere was designed to work alongside engineers, enabling them to prioritize the data that is most important to them. All of the capabilities built into our platform, from trace metrics to collections and workspace dashboards, lead back to our mission of increasing the productivity of engineering teams and in turn, reducing burnout ”

The new release will be available to all Chronosphere customers and include new capabilities. 

First is Collections and Workspaces. This streamlined workflow presents the right data in the right context so teams can troubleshoot faster. Too often, issue resolution takes too long and relies on institutional knowledge and power users. With Workspaces, users have a global view of all data but can easily zoom in on the data most relevant to the services for which they are responsible.

The second is Query Accelerator. This automatically and continuously scans for slow dashboard queries and augments them with their faster alternative. This capability eliminates the need for engineers to be proficient at writing good queries. Instead, they can create a query that returns the data they need, and Query Accelerator will ensure that it performs optimally on every dashboard it uses. 

The third is Quotas. It provides teams with an easy way to allocate licensed data capacity amongst teams and services. In addition, Quotas give engineering team leaders a deeper understanding of their data, helping them make better decisions on what data to protect or sacrifice. 

The fourth and final is tracing metrics. Customers can leverage trace data to define metrics and alerts. This allows users to quickly jump from a trace metric alert to the associated trace data, a powerful tool in the triage process to find where a new error or latency exists, ultimately speeding up remediation times and improving system efficiency.