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Arnal Dayaratna stories

Arnal Dayaratna is a prolific author with a keen interest in the evolving landscape of enterprise technology. With an eye for both innovation and practical applications, Dayaratna frequently covers the latest developments from major technology firms.

One of their recent stories highlights a new initiative from SAP—SAP Build. Dayaratna delves into this low-code solution, elucidating how it empowers business users to tap into enterprise-grade technology to enhance decision-making and foster innovation. Their coverage underscores a commitment to dissecting how such tools can transform business operations.

In another insightful piece, Dayaratna turns their attention to Oracle's latest update in the Java ecosystem. Their reporting on Java 19 encapsulates the essential performance, stability, and security enhancements that are integral to developer communities. Through their work, Dayaratna demonstrates a dedication to tracking and explaining the continual advancements that shape software development practices.