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Dave Sipes stories

Dave Sipes stands out as a pioneering figure in the realm of digital communication, currently steering the ship as the CEO of 8x8. With a rich background that includes a pivotal stint as COO of RingCentral, his move to the helm of 8x8 marks a significant chapter in his career. Under his leadership, 8x8 has not only reaffirmed its financial outlook but also embarked on ambitious collaborations, notably with Verint, to revolutionise the cloud contact centre and workforce management landscape.

His interests clearly pivot around leveraging technology to enhance customer service and operational efficiency. This is exemplified in the melding of 8x8 and Verint's offerings to create a potent solution for mid-market and enterprise businesses, aiming at not just meeting but exceeding customer expectations. Dave's commitment to excellence in customer service is further reflected in 8x8's celebrated recognition as a 'Challenger' in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Contact Centre as a Service. Such accolades underscore Dave's vision of nurturing a company culture that is thoroughly committed to innovation and customer satisfaction.