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Inflation stories

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Use the downturn to set your business up well for the upswing
Last month
Let's face it, an economic downturn is the last thing any business leader wants or needs. But market conditions are different to the last time we've seen something like this.
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Bloated business profits make up 60% of inflation
Last month
A change to government policy rather than an oversimplified approach of raising the cash rate will be needed to address the current bout of inflation.
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9 in 10 retailers prepared for economic challenges this year
August 2022
Some 9 in 10 retailers (86%) are prepared for continued inflation, higher interest rates and potentially lower consumer spending, according to new research.
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Digital Transformation
Undoing the productivity gaps of knowledge work
May 2022
As Australia accelerates its digital economy and Australians head for the polls, one word is central: productivity.
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Gartner anticipates $117.2 billion 2022 Australian IT spend
April 2022
Gartner has projected a total Australian IT spend of AU$117.2 billion in 2022 in its latest forecast, increasing by 13.1% from 2021.
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Forrester Research
Forrester's forecast for the APAC tech market indicates a 6.2% growth in 2022
February 2022
Forrester expects vaccination rates, and the reopening of economies will produce more sustained tech market growth, on par with or higher than before COVID-19.
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Skills and materials shortages causing delays, increasing costs for data centres
October 2021
The challenge for the industry is how to deliver investment against a backdrop of rising material and labour costs as well as a critical decarbonisation agenda.  
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PM Key sees inflation heading lower, cuts RBNZ slack for now
March 2015
Prime Minister John Key expects the annual rate of inflation to fall further than the 0.