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Accelya spearheads NDC momentum, enabling over 50% of 2022's transactions
Thu, 21st Dec 2023

Accelya, a software provider to the airline industry, is spearheading the momentum of New Distribution Capability (NDC). Fresh data unveiled from independent industry consultancy T2RL demonstrates that over 50% of the global NDC transactions for 2022 were enabled by Accelya. This progress was further illuminated by the year-over-year doubling of NDC transactions on Black Friday.

Sam Gilliland, the CEO of Accelya, highlighted the tangible business impact of New Distribution Capability (NDC) for innovative airlines. Gilliland underlined Accelya's expertise in collaborative efforts with airlines to facilitate NDC adoption, stressing the absence of legacy constraints in technology and business models.

Gilliland is excited about the positive momentum observed among Accelya's customers and the industry. He positioned NDC as a fundamental element in the modern retailing journey for airlines, particularly as they transition towards ONE Order. 

Sam Gilliland stated, "NDC is here and delivering real business impact for pioneering airlines. Accelya is a partner that knows how to collaborate with airlines to drive adoption, and we are not burdened by legacy, restrictive technology and business models."

"We are excited with the momentum we are seeing for our customers and the industry. NDC is the foundation of the modern retailing journey for airlines as they look to ONE Order, and Accelya are proud to be leading the way."  

Accelya's NDC technologies are designed to empower pioneering airlines to control their retailing, modernise their distribution, personalise their offers, and grow ancillary sales. It sidesteps legacy technology that often inhibits innovation and customer experience. 

Christos Komplis, Head of Distribution at Aegean, expressed satisfaction and enthusiasm about the partnership with Accelya. He emphasised the positive impact of Accelya's NDC (New Distribution Capability) capabilities on Aegean's retailing efforts. Komplis noted that the Accelya platform played a crucial role during Black Friday, delivering record NDC volumes and contributing to overall solid performance.

The partnership with Accelya instils confidence in Aegean, underscoring the effectiveness of the collaboration in enhancing distribution capabilities and achieving successful outcomes, particularly during peak periods like Black Friday.

Christos Komplis remarked, "We are delighted with the partnership we have with Accelya and how they power our retailing with their NDC capabilities. We saw strong performance over Black Friday with the Accelya platform delivering record NDC volumes. It is a partnership that gives us confidence." 

Accelya's substantial NDC rollout is aided by its technological prowess, which generates roughly 15 billion offers per day for its airline partners. It maintains direct connections to over 200 agents and aggregators worldwide, in addition to 50,000 active IATA agencies.

T2RL data also indicate that an omnichannel experience will be essential to passengers by 2024, as travellers increasingly desire offers personalised to their purchase history and travel preferences. According to IATA data, 60% of travellers want such personalisation. This trend reinforces the importance of Accelya's technology in creating a transparent, customised shopping experience for users.

Accelya has recently announced long-term extensions with American Airlines, United, and Qantas, further establishing its position in the market for NDC enablement.