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Dynamicweb helps BHG implement new commerce solution
Tue, 8th Mar 2022
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Dynamicweb has assisted Singapore-based department store BHG in implementing a unified commerce solution and strategy to progress BHG's digital transformation.

BHG says this collaboration also plays a crucial role in aiding the company's transition into a new business model, explaining that the successful implementation of a unified commerce solution is likely to be the foundation of the company's next phase of digital transformation.

BHG Singapore is a department store operating four stores (including one online store) across Singapore, and the companies say the recently implemented unified commerce solution is one of the earliest in Singapore.

The company adds that it is currently undergoing a significant transformation involving its merchandise, systems, and processes, and its digital transformation strategy is part of its five-year transformation plan.

Dynamicweb offers a cloud-native composable eCommerce Suite which it says allows its customers to provide better digital customer experiences and improve eCommerce success.

Additionally, Dynamicweb has over 300 partners and more than 200 employees in offices worldwide.

Dynamicweb enables BHG Singapore to:

  • Become more customer-centric and eliminate channel silos by establishing a single commerce platform
  • Deliver a new shopping experience where BHG can offer a Click and Collect option (BHG says, for example, this would make it possible for a customer to fulfil their order, pick up part of the order in one store, another product in another and get the rest delivered at a time that suits them).
  • Offer the same flagship product experience in their smaller stores by introducing the endless aisle concept

Introduce effortless check-outs, where customers can make their purchase whenever ready, at any spot of the store. Skip the traditional cashier queue and be served by staff with Mobile Point-of-Sale

BHG's next phase in its plan is to introduce AI software for hyper-personalisation, as well as merge online and offline channels with concepts such as virtual stores, introduce predictive analytics and build an ecosystem around the idea of a platform as a business model.

"As customers nowadays are accustomed to more channels to interact, how can we ensure that we understand their shopping habits if they shop online, in our flagship store, or even interact with our partner ecosystem? For BHG it was a must-have to be able to really get these customer experience insights and a big reason why we needed a unified commerce solution," BHG Singapore CFO Jheeva Subramanian says.

"In 2020, we spent time going out to the market trying to find the solution.

"While there are a lot of claims about unified commerce solutions out there, those were not actually fitting the concept that we have in mind.

"When we came across Dynamicweb, we realised that they understood our vision, industry, and why we want to do certain things.

"We chose Dynamicweb because we believe it is the fit we were looking for."