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Exclusive: Why OutSystems says 2023 was the year of Gen AI
Mon, 15th Jan 2024

In an era where technological advancements have become the cornerstone of business evolution, 2023 stands out as the year of Generative AI, shaping the future of industries and redefining the capabilities of companies globally. Paul Arthur, Regional Vice President for OutSystems in Australia and New Zealand, sheds light on how this transformative technology is impacting businesses, especially in the field of application development.

Revolutionizing Application Development with Gen AI

Generative AI, or Gen AI, is revolutionizing the way companies operate. As Arthur puts it, “2023 is the year of Gen AI. It's everything we're talking about with our customers. If you don't have the conversation about Gen AI, they're not interested.” This statement encapsulates the growing significance of AI in the business world. OutSystems, a pioneer in the low-code platform market, is at the forefront of this revolution, leveraging AI to streamline and enhance the application development process.

Arthur describes OutSystems’ innovative approach, “Our platform and our systems per se, the low code platforms themselves, are actually an early form of AI and Gen AI.” By automating the creative process, these platforms enable rapid and efficient delivery of applications, connecting to external AI platforms or using AI within the platform itself to create better applications.

A prime example of this innovation is Project Morpheus, a new initiative by OutSystems. Project Morpheus integrates AI within the platform to assist not just seasoned developers but also citizen developers - individuals with little to no traditional coding experience - in creating efficient and effective solutions. “Project Morpheus is about having AI embedded within our platform to help anyone looking to create a new interface or solution for their company,” Arthur explains.

Consumer Apprehension and the Business Embrace of Gen AI

Despite the excitement surrounding Gen AI, there is a growing sentiment of apprehension and even boredom among consumers. Arthur observes, “In the consumer world, people are starting to get a little bit bored of it, a little bit scared. It's lost a bit of its edge.” However, in the business realm, the story is different. Businesses recognize the potential advantages and continue to show strong interest in Gen AI.

One of the key benefits of Gen AI, as Arthur points out, is in overcoming the challenge of starting from a blank slate. “It's about helping [customers] get past a blank sheet of paper,” he says. Gen AI can create a basic framework for a project, allowing customers to focus on customization and adding unique elements that give a competitive edge. 

OutSystems’ low-code platform, evolving over 21 years, has moved beyond being a tool for creating simple, temporary applications. Today, it is a comprehensive solution that addresses the entire lifecycle of application development. “We're not a code generator; it's about designing, building, and running the application within our platform,” Arthur clarifies.

Arthur also highlights the changing landscape of application development. The fusion of Gen AI and low-code technology is prompting organizations to reconsider their traditional build-versus-buy strategies. This combination offers the best of both worlds - the efficiency and framework of an off-the-shelf solution with the customization and control of in-house development.

As we move into 2024, Generative AI continues to shape the future of business and technology. Companies like OutSystems, with their innovative approaches and solutions like Project Morpheus, are leading the charge in this new era of AI-driven development. As businesses embrace these technologies, they unlock new possibilities, transforming challenges into opportunities and reshaping the landscape of industries worldwide.