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First Commonwealth enhances workforce communication with ScreenCloud partnership
Wed, 22nd Nov 2023

First Commonwealth Federal Credit Union, a thriving financial organisation preparing for further expansion, recently upped the ante on internal communication and employee engagement, implementing innovative digital signage solutions through their partnership with ScreenCloud.

In the midst of its growth trajectory, First Commonwealth needed to ensure its 300-strong workforce was fully informed and engaged. A new phase, bringing with it mergers with two smaller credit unions and the addition of a new location in Phillipsburg, exacerbated the communication challenge. The company aimed to completely shift from outdated internal communication tools, focusing on creating a more educated, informed, and, ultimately, productive workforce.

First Commonwealth Federal Credit Union turned to ScreenCloud, which offered a versatile digital signage platform powered by Samsung Hospitality's commercial-grade televisions and Tizen operating system. ScreenCloud's innovative digital signage solutions provided a panacea to their hurdles.

Empowering First Commonwealth to install over 50 screens throughout 13 different locations, the technology made complex-to-grasp company-wide updates far more digestible. These screens were strategically used to provide live-streamed interviews, promotional demos and location-specific data, marking new territory in internal communication skills.

Key advantages for First Commonwealth included an informed workplace, localised messaging, and promoted education and accessibility. Digital signage solutions radically transformed how employees stayed in tune with company updates. Employees could access critical information effortlessly by utilising multiple screens at the workplace. These were timely reminders that served as essential resources, providing vital updates, promotions, and events and vastly improving overall communication flow.

ScreenCloud also enabled First Commonwealth to craft finely tuned messages that resonated with employees on a local level, marking a giant step away from generic memos. This strategic shift towards localisation quickly proved effective, enhancing the reach and effectiveness of internal communications and fostering a sense of connection among the employees, regardless of their working premises.

The digital signage solutions also became a powerhouse for promoting education and accessibility initiatives. ScreenCloud screens served as platforms for live-streamed interviews, sharing critical financial data, and providing an overall financially aware working environment. This dynamic approach fostered a more empowered workforce, bridged the gap between the executive team and the general workforce, and ultimately fostered a healthier workplace culture.

The transition to ScreenCloud also resolved technical issues experienced with the old system, allowed easy scheduling and content categorisation and, most importantly, enabled content localisation, thereby significantly improving member and employee experience.

The collaboration with ScreenCloud has brought about a transformative change to First Commonwealth Federal Credit Union. The platform has proved instrumental in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of internal communications and processes.

First Commonwealth plans to build further on this success, leveraging ScreenCloud's capabilities to bolster member and employee experiences. First Commonwealth Federal Credit Union's future goals include expanding localisation efforts, optimising internal processes, and creating content that is as concise as it is valuable.