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GEN8 announces Generative AI training for knowledge workers
Thu, 18th Jan 2024

The Generative AI Navigator (GAIN) training programme has been announced by Australian generative AI strategy and training consultancy GEN8, which aims to equip knowledge workers with the skills and knowledge to exploit emerging technologies. A three-week online course is set to help participants navigate the relatively uncharted waters of generative AI, with a clear focus on strategic, effective, and responsible usage. The programme is ideally tailored to those in a knowledge-based role who are eager to immerse themselves in GenAI.

Tim Sharp, Founder and Principal at GEN8, a renowned name in Generative AI training who notably developed and initiated the AI for Marketers course for the Section platform, stated: "Generative AI is revolutionising productivity, prompting millions to shape a new knowledge economy. Today, early adopters are experiencing heightened efficiency, but by 2030, technologies like Generative AI will redefine the traditional workday. Generative AI holds both promise and risk, with limited avenues for getting started. GAIN aims to give people not just the skills to use these tools, but the knowledge to understand how they work, thereby helping them to assess safety and effectiveness."

As part of the course's highly interactive structure, three hands-on workshops will provide practical insight into using large language models, building virtual assistants, and exploring other emerging uses, such as image/video/avatar generation. GAIN also lays significant emphasis on the ethical aspects of AI including concerns surrounding intellectual property, privacy, and socioeconomic impact. Bridging the gap between traditional methods and new ways of working, GEN8 offers an advanced solution to complex teams across APAC, enabling easy accessibility to both individuals and larger corporations.

One of the key features of the programme is its flexibility, which enables participants to join live sessions or catch up later, depending upon their convenience. Upon completion, they receive a shareable badge, certifying their proficiency in AI. Users can choose to join GAIN either as part of a larger team or individually, depending on their requirements. The 'Tailor for Business' option is ideal for larger teams seeking a custom programme, while the 'Individual or Smaller Team Intake' is best suited for singular professionals or smaller teams.

The cost for each participant is listed at $599 AUD, with a 10% discount for teams comprising five or more members. It should be noted that the programme fee does not cover ChatGPT Plus, which costs an additional USD $20. The first intake begins on February 16 and extends until March 1. As part of its initiative to encourage learning and development, GEN8 is also offering scholarships to individuals who are between jobs or at the initial stages of their careers.