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Google Cloud & Gamuda expand collaboration for AI capabilities
Mon, 11th Mar 2024

Google Cloud and Gamuda have furthered their continued collaboration to make enterprise-grade generative AI capabilities available to all Gamuda employees, aiding them to deliver engineering, construction, and public infrastructure projects more efficiently and innovatively.

As part of the expanded collaboration, a Gamuda Digital Operating System will be developed. This system introduces a set of standardised tools in which consolidated project data is supported by a unified data cloud platform. This setup will provide Gamuda's teams with a real-time view of all project workflows, aiding better decision-making for regional projects.

John Lim Ji Xiong, Group Chief Digital Officer, Gamuda Berhad, outlined the significance of Google Cloud for their operations. He stated, "Google Cloud is our cloud provider of choice because of their vast expertise in planetary-scale data management and cutting-edge AI, coupled with the intuitiveness of their developer platforms and tools."

Google Cloud’s Security Command Center Premium platform has been implemented by Gamuda. Harnessing machine learning, the platform will provide advanced threat detection and prevention, attack path simulation, and uphold regulatory compliance.

Seizing on Google Cloud’s Gemini models on the Vertex AI platform, Gamuda has developed an integrated AI-powered conversational agent in its cloud-based Tunnel Insight platform. This platform analyses sensor data from the world's first autonomous tunnel boring machines, automating repetitive tasks and enhancing tunneling operations.

According to John Lim Ji Xiong, this adoption of AI aids in countering the complexities of construction projects, saying, "The vast amount of data that is continuously generated by such operations can make it challenging for staff to extract insights at pace for timelier responses to geological changes or maintenance needs. The AI-powered conversational agent is therefore being used by staff to quickly extract relevant summaries and instructions."

In addition to this, Gamuda has employed Vertex AI Search and Conversation to build generative search and chat applications for its market intelligence, design, and technical teams. Using this, employees can swiftly synthesize research documentation into synopses and extract insights from previous projects to assist in enhancing new proposals.

Highlighting the importance of AI in furthering their technological ambitions, John Lim stated, "Google Cloud’s enterprise AI stack has accelerated our gen AI innovation cycles, allowing us to go from concept to impact much faster than we had hoped."

On the collaboration, Patrick Wee, Country Manager, Malaysia, Google Cloud, noted, “Construction has traditionally been a labour- and process-intensive industry with lengthy project cycles, but Gamuda has swiftly transformed this paradigm by embracing digitalization and gen AI at scale on Google Cloud. They’re setting a powerful example for enterprises seeking rapid innovation through the convergence of modern infrastructure, data analytics, security, and AI."