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Hydroleap & IXT team up for greener data centre operations
Wed, 29th Nov 2023

The next-generation water technology firm, Hydroleap, has partnered with IX Technology (IXT), a prominent Singapore-based provider of data centre mechanical and electrical (M&E) infrastructure solutions. The strategic alliance aims to improve water management within cooling towers, thereby enabling businesses in the data centre sector to lessen water and chemical usage, shrink their carbon footprint, and enhance regulatory compliance. IXT will be promoting Hydroleap's patented Electro-Oxidation Technology (HL-EO), currently being utilised by major data centre firms, including CapitaLand, to a wider array of data centre and semiconductor companies in Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

Indeed, the data centre industry plays a pivotal role in underpinning the digital infrastructure of today's world. Yet its intense water consumption and discharges exert considerable environmental strain, which brings about increasing pressure to adopt sustainable practices and satisfy Environmental Social Governance (ESG) requirements.

Singapore, in particular, needs to address this challenge urgently. According to a 2022 global market comparison report, Singapore ranked second globally in terms of attractiveness for data centre facilities. The city-state's industrial sector, inclusive of data centres, accounts for 55% of the country's water usage, a proportion that is expected to rise to 70% by 2060.

Considering the high energy and water resources used by data centres to power their servers, coupled with rising demand for their services, the alliance between Hydroleap and IXT symbolises an important step towards a more sustainable future for data centre operations. Efficiency in cooling methods, leading to reduced water consumption, could significantly contribute to sustainability endeavours.

Dr. Mohammad (Moh) Sherafatmand, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Hydroleap, stated, "We are thrilled to join forces with IXT to support more data centre companies through our sustainable electrochemical solutions. By combining our teams, we aim to empower data centre businesses to be more sustainable in their water consumption."

This sentiment was echoed by Steven Lee, Founder and Managing Director of IXT, who claimed that the partnership marks an important juncture in their journey towards building more sustainable data centre facilities. "Together with Hydroleap, we aim to set a new standard for water treatment and carbon reduction for data centres," he said.

Hydroleap's innovative technologies are making waves in how industrial wastewater is treated across multiple sectors, including data centres, the food and beverage industry, and palm oil, offering solutions that are efficient, robust, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly. In the case of cooling towers, the company's unique electrochemical techniques can reduce pollutants in industrial wastewater by up to 95% and decrease water discharges by 70%.

With teams of certified professionals, IXT specialises in M&E infrastructure solutions for data centres, ensuring business continuity and operational uptime. They deliver end-to-end services from design and construction, to preventive maintenance, thereby providing 24x7 technical support for data centres, corporate server rooms, and offices for a wide range of clients.