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Juniper Networks launches AI-powered support solution for Junos portfolio
Fri, 5th Nov 2021
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Juniper Networks has released a new support solution driven by artificial intelligence, designed to deliver holistic visibility and insights across its entire Junos portfolio.

Juniper Support Insights securely connects customers' networks to the cloud for improved network and operational efficiency, the company states.

According to the company, Juniper Support Insights addresses the operational and support requirements of some of Juniper's largest customers.

Independent of the size or breadth of the network, Juniper AI-driven support simplifies connecting Junos-based customer platforms (ACX Series, EX Series, MX Series, PTX Series, QFX Series and SRX Series) to the Juniper cloud.

Data can then be collected, correlated with Juniper-specific knowledge (known defects, contract status, End of Life/End of Support (EOL/EOS), product knowledge bases, security vulnerabilities) and then curated into actionable insights.

As highlighted by the company, the solution offers:

Ease of use: Customers have the choice of Device Direct to Cloud (DDC) or Device to Collector to Cloud (DCC) connection and data collect modes.

The latter includes a fully managed Lightweight Collector (LWC) with automated provisioning. Both connection modes feature software-in-place operation that obviates the need to upgrade or install software on either collector or network devices.

Security and privacy: Data privacy, security and efficiency are maintained using a principle of least necessary device fact data collection.

Zero-Residual Footprint (ZRF) and the use of ephemeral computing ensures that no data artefacts are stored anywhere permanently and helps to avoid data leakage. All data flows are TLS (Transport Layer Security) encrypted.

Dynamic scalability: The Lightweight Collector in DCC operations mode is designed to handle large deployments and each supports up to 20,000 network devices.

Overall, Juniper Support Insights includes access to a secure portal used to manage device onboarding and discovery, as well as a view into operational dashboards and reports.

The dashboard provides a summary of holistic operational health metrics and insights for the entire network.

Standard reports include detailed analysis into areas such as hardware and software inventory (chassis level all the way to transceivers and all serialised components, logical/physical interfaces, OS versions), exposure covering EOL/EOS and much more.

Enhanced custom reports are also available via the Juniper Advanced Care services team. Additional digital support tools available through Juniper Care include a personalised self-service portal, 24/7 digital assistant, service APIs for integration into third party systems, government support and partner renewals.

IDC vice president infrastructure and telecoms (Europe) Chris Barnard says, “IDC sees a fundamental shift in the network life-cycle services space: away from reactive, manual actions to a more agile, predictive and preemptive approach.

"This is on the one hand driven by the core role of networking solutions in the digital world, where any downtime can impact customer experience, but also powered by the increase in AI and analytic expertise, powered by the cloud.

Juniper Global Services EVP Derrell James says, “The use of data and automation are redefining how customer experience is delivered. Juniper Support Insights represents a major step forward in how we're transforming services with a focus on personalised, proactive and predictive experience leveraging AI and cloud.

"With a new level of end-to-end visibility and actionable intelligence, Juniper is making it easier for service providers, enterprises and partners to optimise the operation of their networks.