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Nintex launches new GenAI-powered capabilities for smart automation
Thu, 28th Mar 2024

Nintex has released four new GenAI-powered product capabilities to complement its process intelligence and automation solutions. Designed to further streamline customer workflows, these cutting-edge capabilities leverage the power of generative AI, a feature that has been integral to the Nintex platform for years.

Nintex's latest release incorporates advanced technologies such as computer vision, RPA and natural language processing to expedite the automation of core business processes. This demonstrates the company's long-standing commitment to making advanced automation easily accessible to non-technical teams, enabling them to unite data, systems, and teams seamlessly.

Central to the new features is the newly introduced Nintex Assistant, an intelligent chatbot that provides real-time information in response to natural language queries. In addition to this adaptive tool, Nintex has introduced novel improvements designed to simplify the creation and translation of content in automated workflows.

Niranjan Vijayaragavan, chief product officer at Nintex, expounded on the shift towards AI in process automation. He stated: "Every business is on a mission to eliminate manual, repetitive tasks and streamline organisational processes. Now, our customers can strategically integrate advanced AI technologies into their daily operations through straightforward, practical solutions within the Nintex Process Platform."

He added, "adopting generative AI into its workflow will be an ongoing, staged effort for every business. Automation, fundamentally an AI-driven effort, is essential to deriving value from these generative AI initiatives. It creates the foundation for our customers to leverage generative AI for increased organisational efficiency."

The four new features are the Form Generator and Form Translator, which expedite the creation of custom forms and allow translation, respectively. These tools broaden the usability and reach of the workflow, allowing forms to be generated from natural language text boxes and serving a global audience efficiently with translations into over 130 languages. Furthermore, these forms can be integrated into automated workflows connecting processes across teams and departments.

The Nintex Assistant operates as a partner to the user, responding to natural language questions within the product to provide timely contextual help. Currently accessible within DocGen for Salesforce, the Nintex Assistant will be available more widely across the Nintex Process Platform in the near future.

These latest additions underscore Nintex's commitment to innovation and customer success in process automation. By embedding advanced AI technologies into their platform, Nintex continues to make it easier for businesses to deploy high-powered automation strategies. As such, customers can look forward to further AI-powered features that will be added across the platform in the future.