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Singapore-based Red Apricot has solutions accepted by SAP App Center

Fri, 25th Sep 2020
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Red Apricot, the Singaporean startup behind new finance and analysis platform JustPerform, has had five applications accepted onto SAP's App Center.

The AI-based platform helps large enterprise move to SAP's various financial planning and analysis solutions including SAP HANA, SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Business Planning and Consolidation.

Each of the five applications addresses a specific business challenge. In most cases, target organizations are looking to make more use of financial data, and the JustPerform solutions allow for a faster, easier roadmap for the project and an ongoing framework for the business processes involved.

SAP's App Center plays host to around 1,600 apps from partner entities, all of which integrate with and extend SAP's core offerings. Each application on the store has been validated by SAP.

The platform uses machine learning and AI to generate unique code for each specific business case. Stakeholders input the requirements of the project, list out the factors and components involved, then the software writes code specific to the task.

“This is a major step towards having our unique solutions recognized on a much wider, global level,” says Red Apricot chief growth officer Shameek Bhushan.

“We pride ourselves on innovation, having recognized a specific need within the financial planning space, and created a solution to make digital transformation in finance and planning much smarter, faster, easier and more intuitive.

According to the company, the JustPerform solution enables visual process modelling and automated process deployment using advanced AI-based algorithms.

The applications included on the SAP App Center include Advance Enterprise Planning Models which provides key planning processes for items such as revenue budgeting and expense planning, and Advance Migration Engine, a migration or upgrade approach for those organizations looking to migrate and monitor processes in SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP BPC.

Management Consolidation Pro allows management consolidation and reporting processes to be deployed quickly and easily, Financial Consolidation Pro simplifies consolidation processes for SAP BPC and SAP HANA and the Process Designer Pro enables a fast and cost-effective means of designing and deploying an enterprise planning process for SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP BPC.

Red Apricot was formed by a group of professionals working in the financial planning and analysis space, who recognized the need for better processes around the planning and deployment of large-scale finance projects.

The self-funded organization spent 18 months developing their own solution to meet this perceived business need, resulting in the JustPerform platform.

“Our aim has always been to simplify processes for people,” says Bhushan.

“We all had extensive experience managing these large-scale projects, and recognized that many of them could have been improved by a more intuitive, collaborative approach that enabled team members to be more hands-on.

“It took a lot of time and effort, but we are very proud to have our platform up and running, and now these five applications on the SAP App Center allow us to hone in on specific business challenges and apply our unique solutions to them.

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