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Titan of Tech - Sudhir Kandarth of Veeva
Thu, 17th Aug 2023

With a career spanning over 15 years, Sudhir's journey, from being the first Veeva employee in India to leading multiple teams across the Asia Pacific region, is a testament to his passion, dedication, and vision.

Veeva: A Global Cloud-Computing Pioneer

Veeva is a global cloud-computing company with a laser focus on the life sciences industry. Supporting pharmaceuticals, biotechnology companies, CRO's, and medical technology firms, Veeva's mission is to be a strategic partner for life sciences companies. Their values, including doing the right thing, customer success, employee success, and speed, are integral to their business decisions.

Their most successful products, Veeva CRM and Vault PromoMats, are used by the top 18 out of 20 biopharma companies in the Asia Pacific region. The recently announced Vault CRM, with innovations like CRM Bot and Service centre, is poised to make sales and medical teams even more productive.

A Passionate Leader

Sudhir's career is marked by stints at high-tech companies like SAS Institute, IBM, and Oracle Health Sciences. His passion for the life sciences industry and the impact it has on community health has been a driving force behind his success.

Joining Veeva in 2015, Sudhir was given the opportunity to build up the Veeva business in India. His leadership and innovation led to his opportunity to lead multiple teams across APAC, including markets like ANZ, Southeast Asia, India, and Korea.

As the General Manager of Veeva in APAC, Sudhir's focus on customer success is evident in his engagement with customers through 1:1 meetings, helping customer-facing teams engage better, and involvement in customer community and industry events.

"It's incredibly fulfilling to be part of the cloud-computing industry that is exceptionally focused on building great products and ensuring customer success. Veeva’s journey to be an industry cloud for life sciences companies has just begun," says Sudhir.

Building Strategies for Unique Markets

Sudhir's role as GM of Asia Pacific involves leading Veeva’s strategy and execution across a large market, including Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, and India. He is responsible for building strategies that meet each market's unique needs and growth stages.

His current projects include building the data and consulting business in APAC, enhancing execution strategy to enable customers to innovate with new commercial operating models, and executing Veeva APAC Commercial Summits.

Excited About Industry Trends

Sudhir's enthusiasm for the rapidly evolving healthcare landscape is palpable. From the emergence of new actors in medicine delivery to the strides towards personalized medicine, the growth of internal capabilities in digital, data, and analytics excites him.

"These trends are clear signs that as a tech provider, we need to be agile and willing to work with even more stakeholders in the health arena," he notes.

A Team Player

Managing a team of close to 1,000 across Asia, Sudhir emphasizes the importance of collaboration. "Veeva hiring ensures you get the opportunity with colleagues who are passionate, curious, and great team players. With engaged teams working together, it becomes easy to learn and solve problems for our customers," he shares.

Why Sudhir is a Titan of Tech

Sudhir Kandarth's leadership at Veeva is a beacon for innovation and growth in the life sciences industry. His passion for healthcare, commitment to customer success, and ability to adapt to industry trends make him a true titan of tech. His journey continues to inspire and drive Veeva's mission to help the life sciences industry be efficient and effective, with digitization at its core.

In the words of Veeva, "As GM of Asia Pacific, Sudhir Kandarth is leading Veeva’s strategy and execution across the region. Customer success, Employee success, and growth are the key areas of focus." His leadership continues to shape the future of life sciences, making a tangible impact on health and innovation across the globe.