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Zyxel's energy-efficient switches help curb SMBs' electricity costs
Tue, 23rd Jan 2024

In response to the global surge in electricity prices, Zyxel Networks is offering its customers switches that offer innovative features like Power over Ethernet (PoE) scheduling, smart fan design, and PoE consumption mode. These energy-efficient solutions not only optimise power usage but also provide substantial cost savings for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs).

Zyxel Networks has recognised that rising electricity prices poses a significant challenge for SMBs. Research suggests that these businesses are amongst the most economically vulnerable, with cost reductions often a matter of survival.

The networking solutions company is tackling this issue head-on with its range of energy-saving switches. These switches help businesses identify areas in which efficiencies can be increased and energy-saving actions implemented.

The company's PoE Scheduling feature is one of these solutions. This feature, supported in Zyxel Networks' Smart Managed, Layer 2 Plus, and Layer 3 Access PoE switches, allows users to determine when switches supply power to connected devices and when this power will be automatically cut off.

In a typical SMB environment, with 20 PoE Access Points (APs) installed, scheduling these APs to power down during non-working hours could translate to savings of up to USD $313 annually. As one simple step away via the switch management interface, this saving is easily attainable.

Additionally, selected Zyxel switches, such as the XGS2220 series, feature a smart fan design. This innovation automatically adjusts the fan speed relative to the device's temperature, reducing energy wastage from constant operation at full power. For businesses using ten switches with this fan design, the potential annual savings are noteworthy.

Zyxel Networks switches also offer further savings through the PoE consumption mode. Available in its Smart Managed, Layer 2 Plus, and Layer 3 Access PoE switches, this feature gauges the power consumption status of each device, ensuring they only receive the power they need. This not only conserves energy but also leaves more of the power budget to accommodate additional devices, reducing the networks' total cost of ownership (TCO).

SMBs are currently under pressure due to macroeconomic challenges, particularly escalating energy costs. As noted by Gary Chen, the ANZ regional head at Zyxel Networks, these enterprises require cutting-edge technologies that simultaneously drive efficiency and promote sustainability. State-of-the-art switches from Zyxel, equipped with energy-saving features, aim to reduce power consumption and offer the relief these businesses need to navigate challenging times.

Zyxel Networks provides a comprehensive range of network switches to cater to the evolving needs of businesses today. Ranging from unmanaged to Layer 3 aggregation, standalone to cloud-managed, and gigabit to 10G speeds, their diverse portfolio ensures businesses access tailor-made solutions designed specifically to tackle their unique challenges. As Zyxel remains committed to empowering SMBs, their innovative switches promise to enhance operational efficiency, optimise resource utilisation and bolster network security against emerging threats.