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Digital Transformation
Pluralsight and Ingram Micro Cloud team up on cloud initiative
Pluralsight has teamed with Ingram Micro Cloud to build upon cloud competence and maturity internally, and externally support partners’ capabilities.
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Pluralsight and Go1 bring top tech education to more
Together, the companies state they will deliver a curated content experience designed to help Go1 customers learn in-demand technology skills.
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Roadmaps are the new key to digital transformation, says CIO of fintech specialist
A CIO of a fintech specialist has revealed why she thinks a roadmap for digital transformation is essential for the future of companies.
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Pluralsight extends Skills offerings for cybersecurity, IT ops and development
With the introduction of these new labs, Pluralsight Skills now offers more than 900 lab-based hands-on learning experiences for technologists looking to close skills gaps and stay ahead of the pace of change.
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COVID-19 pandemic leads to surge in upskilling, study shows
The COVID-19 pandemic and remote work has uncovered skills gaps and led to new emphasis on upskilling, according to Pluralsight’s new 2021 State of Upskilling report.
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Pluralsight acquires A Cloud Guru in bid to close cloud skills gap
Pluralsight states it will combine the power of A Cloud Guru's certification courses, hands-on labs and sandboxes, exams and quizzes with the existing library of Pluralsight Skills cloud courses and hands-on learning experiences.
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Digital Learning
Pluralsight to acquire A Cloud Guru, looks to meet market demand for cloud skills
Pluralsight intends to combine A Cloud Guru’s certification courses, hands-on labs and sandboxes, exams and quizzes with the existing library of Pluralsight Skills cloud courses.
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Workplaces mismatching the importance of continous learning
Employers and employees have fundamentally different perspectives on the importance of upskilling and continuous learning in the workplace.
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Online learning
Pluralsight offers 7,000+ online tech courses free for April
In a bid to encourage online learners to stay home and upskill during COVID-19 lockdowns, Pluralsight, the enterprise technology skills platform, has made its 7,000+ courses available for free for the month of April.
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Data analytics
Study reveals the true value of data literacy
Organisations that rank in the top third of the Data Literacy Index have 3 to 5% higher enterprise value, plus a raft of other benefits.
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Addressing the STEM skills gap with continuous online learning
Pluralsight talk about how online learning can prove to be an effective tool in closing the STEM skills gap within an organisation.
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Have I Been Pwned creator Troy Hunt to give lesson on security-centric cultures
‘Creating a Security-Centric Culture’ is designed to help CISOs and their teams with insight into the tools and methods needed to fight breaches.
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Businesses are recognising the power of upskilling
Online learning is quickly becoming the primary means of upskilling, providing measurable value to businesses and their tech pros.
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Online Training
Technology training company comes to Sydney
“Pluralsight’s expansion throughout Australia and New Zealand supports the tremendous technology boom we are seeing in the region,”