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Cognizant partners with ServiceNow to enhance AI in workplace solutions
Tue, 30th Jan 2024

Cognizant has announced a partnership with ServiceNow to improve its WorkNEXTÔ modern workplace services solution. This collaboration seeks to improve employee tools, digital and conversational functions and self-services, along with an increase in the adoption of AI for technology enterprises. The integration will provide clients with the advantage of significantly declining lead time for deploying and training AI systems and more efficient dismissal and adoption.

The Cognizant WorkNEXTÔ aims to bring the user experience at the core of workplace transformation. To achieve this goal, the collaboration will incorporate generative AI capabilities into the solution, thereby enhancing employee self-service and encouraging the consumption of generative AI technology in enterprises.

A significant shift from a transactional experience model to a ‘total experience’ model is being aimed for enterprise clients, focusing on experience engineering, execution and engagement solutions.

Anna Elango, EVP at Cognizant Core Technologies & Insights, commented on the collaboration saying, “When employees are hindered by technology and process-related obstacles in their daily work, it can be much harder for enterprises to deliver on their promises to customers.”

Elango further added, “Cognizant’s enhanced WorkNEXT offering is a strong example of generative AI’s potential to shape the future of work by providing more intuitive and personalised experiences for employees, while helping to better quantify and improve the ‘return on experience’ for enterprise customers."

"This solution exemplifies the value of our partnership with ServiceNow through the bundling of Cognizant’s differentiated solutions, accelerators and services with ServiceNow’s platform for the benefit of our clients.”

The collaboration with ServiceNow will aid in combining the WorkNEXT engagement solutions of Cognizant with the Now Assist and Employee Endpoint Experience Technology of ServiceNow. This blend will lead clients to experience significantly reduced lead time to deploy and train AI systems, sway IT support with predictive intelligence, user sentiment analysis and co-pilot guidance, while facilitating faster resolutions to users issues.

Speaking about the partnership, CJ Desai, President and COO at ServiceNow, said, “In the race to digitally transform businesses, technology that elevates the employee experience is one of the most important investments an enterprise can make. Through our partnership with Cognizant, ServiceNow is focused on applying cutting-edge technology like generative AI to business challenges in a way that empowers employees, enhances their satisfaction and enables them to deliver better than ever results for customers.”

Some of the significant features of the platform enhancement include pre-configured solutions, a library of reusable generative AI configurations and multi-tool integrations. The enhanced platform aims to provide clients with digital and conversational functions, self-healing and automated capabilities, rapid responses and the ease of adoption and quick deployment.

Cognizant has years of expertise in consulting, advisory, deployments and managed services across modern workplace services. It is further enhanced by the company’s experience in AI and automation, enabled by deep partner collaborations in R&D, technology incubation, multi-platform integrations and deployments at scale. In line with their on-going strategic collaboration, this solution sees deployment with several clients, propelling the companies further along their journey to establishing a $1 billion combined business.