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GB Helios celebrates four years of successful partnership with Mambu
Tue, 23rd Jan 2024

GB Helios, formerly known as Goldbell Financial Services, a financial solutions provider based in Singapore, is marking four years of collaboration with Mambu, the cloud banking platform. The partnership, which dates back to 2020, has had a crucial role in bolstering GB Helios' rapid growth and delivering customer experiences, according to a statement from the company.

GB Helios, named after the mythical embodiment of the sun, has utilised the agility and flexibility of Mambu's cloud-native platform to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and broaden its reach.

Mambu's composable architecture has afforded GB Helios the liberty to select and amalgamate the best solutions from a wide-ranging ecosystem of partners, empowering the financial institution to devise innovative and customer-oriented lending solutions.

Alex Chua, the Founder of GB Helios, attests to the importance of the association with Mambu. "Our partnership with Mambu has been a driving force behind our rapid growth and success, with Mambu's cloud-native platform delivering the agility and flexibility we need to adapt to the ever-changing financial landscape," he remarks.

He continues, reiterating the company’s aim: "Our goal is to make financing easier, simpler and faster, and Mambu helps us do this. The platform's composable architecture means we can be flexible in the partners that we select, and we can respond with agility when customer demands evolve or the market shifts."

The collaboration between GB Helios and Mambu has yielded impressive results, significantly in terms of customer growth, with the organisation witnessing a growth rate of more than 30% since the inception of the partnership.

In response, Colin Kum, the Market Sales Director at Mambu Asia Pacific has expressed his delight at the successes the partnership has garnered. He says, "We are incredibly proud of the strong relationship we have built with GB Helios over the past four years, with the company's commitment to innovation and focus on customer-centricity aligning perfectly with our values at Mambu."

"We look forward to continuing our collaboration and supporting the GB Helios team in their journey to becoming one of Singapore's leading financial solutions providers."

The ongoing alliance between GB Helios and Mambu underscores the potential of cloud-native platforms in enabling financial institutions to innovate, grow, and deliver excellent customer experiences. As GB Helios persists in expanding its reach and introducing innovative lending solutions, Mambu will stay a trusted partner, supplying the requisite technology and expertise necessary to thrive in the continually evolving financial landscape.