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Salesforce introduces Einstein 1 Studio for easy AI integration in CRM
Tue, 12th Mar 2024

Salesforce has announced the launch of Einstein 1 Studio, a low-code suite of tools designed for admins and developers. This new offering enables the integration of generative AI into any CRM application for both customers and employee experiences.

The demand for generative AI technologies has been steadily increasing, yet a recent Salesforce study found that 31% of worldwide IT teams are short on time to understand and implement AI models successfully. Furthermore, almost half have said that their infrastructure capacity cannot currently meet demand. These issues are particularly prevalent as business copilots become more popular.

Einstein 1 Studio is an innovative solution which provides Salesforce admins and developers the ability to customise AI experiences while gradually incorporating AI within their CRM systems according to their comfort levels, timeline, and bandwidth.

By using Einstein 1 Studio, businesses can customise their Einstein Copilot, Salesforce's conversational generative AI assistant. Helping to meet unique business needs, the solution is designed to deliver measurable and tangible results to everyday business operations and applications.

Einstein 1 Studio comprises of several key features. The 'Copilot Builder' allows users to create custom AI actions for specific business tasks. The 'Prompt Builder' facilitates the crafting of custom, trust AI prompts in the workflow. Lastly, the 'Model Builder' enables businesses either to select from an LLM or build a new AI model to deliver tailored, trusted AI experiences across the Einstein 1 Platform.

The recently launched Einstein 1 Studio tools include 'Copilot Builder', designed to help companies configure and customise Einstein Copilot to their businesses' needs. Salesforce admins and developers can use tools like Apex, Flow, and MuleSoft APIs to enable it to complete tasks in the flow of work. 'Prompt Builder' simplifies the creation of custom AI prompts, enabling customers to design and repurpose prompts to use across other experiences. Finally, 'Model Builder' offers a low-code way for firms to create their predictive AI model. It lets customers select from LLM's from Salesforce or use their models.

The Einstein Trust Layer, designed for enterprise AI, helps firms benefit from generative AI without compromising security or safety standards. It includes new features like customer-configured data masking that allows admins to select fields they wish to mask, giving them greater control.

Salesforce is also launching new Trailhead courses about Einstein Copilot and Prompt Builder. This empowers admins and developers to enhance their skills with a focus on AI. More than six million Trailblazers are currently using Trailhead to expand their careers and have earned over 1 million AI badges since June 2023.

The announcement of Einstein 1 Studio highlights the important role of developers in guiding businesses through the AI revolution, Salesforce states. These developers are innovating with AI in ways that are transforming nearly every industry.