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'Sendbird launches accessible AI chatbot for small businesses'
Tue, 5th Mar 2024

A new hands-on AI chatbot has been developed by Sendbird, a communications platform and member of the World Economic Forum's AI Governance Alliance. Designed to give small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) easy access to AI technology, the product is intended for client-facing industries, including e-commerce, healthcare, education, recruiting, travel & hospitality, and banking. The launch also included a developer-centric Pro package aimed at facilitating seamless integration within mobile apps, offering extended workflows, and supplementary functions.

The emphasis on AI technology has heightened following its focal point status within the discussions of the Singapore delegation at the 2024 World Economic Forum. Subsequent to this a further $1 billion was allocated for AI development within the 2024 Budget Statement. However, high costs and technical resource challenges have historically been a stumbling block for SMBs in their engagement with AI tech. Sendbird's launch aims to bridge this discrepancy and allow SMBs the chance to compete with larger, established systems by offering accessible AI solutions. These intend to enhance both operational tasks and customer interaction within SMBs.

With robust communications facilities for web and mobile apps, Sendbird has launched an easy-to-install AI chatbot. Priced at $99 per month, Sendbird's starter package offers SMBs the chance to create chatbot personas, enrich knowledge, integrate workflows, and track performance across their support, marketing, and sales drives. All without the requirement of technical software development or engineering resources.

"Large enterprises and consumer brands use AI effectively to engage with their customers, clients, and patients. However, there is no way for a small company to compete," said Sendbird CEO and Co-founder John S. Kim. "What we aim to do with our no-code AI chatbot is to make that technology also accessible to SMBs. Sendbird proves that AI chatbots no longer require time, big budgets, or even developers so that anyone with a website can take advantage."

Additionally, Sendbird's Pro package offers a developer-centric approach, facilitating integration with mobile apps, providing greater workflow capabilities, and enabling further function calls for programmable third-party software application connections. A travel or shopping bot assistant, for example, could use these connections to offer flight, hotel, or product recommendations through APIs.

Sendbird's AI chatbot integrates seamlessly with Sendbird Desk, their support agent and ticketing solution. This combination not only automates efficiency but enhances understanding through human support. It can improve customer satisfaction through quick, accurate answers whilst enabling SMBs to increase deflection rates.

Built on a real-time communication platform trusted by industry leaders, Sendbird’s chatbot solution provides seamless integration with both websites and mobile applications. By utilising these innovative AI tools, businesses can streamline their support processes, save time, and allocate resources more effectively. As stated by Kim: "It's not just a technological leap; it's a strategic advantage that sets businesses on the path to exceeding customer expectations."