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SRM platform goes beyond CRM at YOOBEE

16 Jun 2011

Finding a way to manage disparate customer communications with ease was the aim behind developing YOOBEE's new Stakeholder Relationship Management platform, branded 'Engage'.

Rick Webb, chief executive at Renaissance, said Engage went beyond traditional customer relationship management (CRM) as communications with an individual can be coordinated in a variety of new ways.

Webb said this information was previously stored in separate databases throughout the organisation. "Our new platform goes well beyond traditional customer relationship management" said Webb.

He said Engage was cloud-based and would be charged on a per-stakeholder basis, rather than a per-seat basis as some similar programmes were charged.

Initially, the Engage would be implemented at a number of test reference sites, including the American Chamber of Commerce, and internally at YOOBEE. As part of the YOOBEE implementation an iOS app had been planned for launch within the next two weeks.

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