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Zoom looks to enhance CX with AI-powered refinements
Thu, 7th Dec 2023

Zoom is set to enhance its customer experience (CX) offerings with improvements across its AI-powered CX suite, introducing refinements in AI, workforce management, and omnichannel expansion. These enhancements will position Zoom as a leader in providing high-value services to its customers. The new rollout features multi-tiered plans and pricing structures designed to cater to businesses of all sizes.

Phillip Zammit, Head of APAC at Zoom, elucidating on the new product line up, stated that Zoom's packages serve the needs of all customers irrespective of their size. These packages provide subscribers with rich feature sets and can be customised or configured according to the specific needs of small to large contact centre departments.

The 'Zoom AI Expert Assist' targets personalised customer support, improved productivity for agents, and better intelligence for supervisors. Several other communication channels, including email and Facebook Messenger, will now facilitate agents' interaction with customers using their preferred means of communication. Anticipation is high for the introduction of chat capability within WhatsApp, which is expected in early 2024.

Another notable enhancement is the remote desktop control. This functionality will make it easier for IT departments to assist employees and customers in solving problems swiftly, as it allows helpdesk agents to remotely control their desktops. Outbound dialling will enable sales-oriented agents to improve customer interaction by automating dialling.

Interfacing with third-party apps will augment the agent experience by reducing the necessity to alternate between applications. The Zoom client will provide real-time access to customer data, including CRM, support, and payment information. Zoom's new AI-powered digital assistant will come included in all product offerings, equipping agents with live transcription, summaries, and sentiment analysis to enhance speed and efficiency in their jobs.

Zoom's new packages, which include enterprise-grade feature sets, have been crafted to address the requirements of all clients, irrespective of their size. The Essentials package, starting at just $69 per month, includes Zoom AI Companion, remote control, and support for the most critical channels. In addition to the features offered in the Essentials tier, the Premium package includes support for email, social channels, and outbound dialler, commencing at $99 per month.

The Elite package, starting at $149 per month, avails customers of all the features from the Premium package, while throwing in Zoom AI Expert Assist, Quality Management, and Workforce Management. Clients with Essentials and Premium packages have the option to purchase Zoom AI Expert Assist and Workforce Engagement Management as additions to their package.

Zoom's latest innovations in customer experience help businesses engage and collaborate better with customers and employees. Prospects can eagerly anticipate the rollout of these new plans in the coming weeks.