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Data siloes stories

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Could your Excel practices be harming your business?
May 2022
While Excel has been the de-facto standard for budgeting, planning, and forecasting, is it alone, enough to support organisations in the global marketplace that’s facing rapid changes due to digital transformation?
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Logical data fabric: knitting together enterprise data
September 2021
The rise of data sprawl has posed a real challenge for many organisations, writes Denodo senior vice president and chief marketing officer Ravi Shankar.
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Customer experience
How cloud silos are holding organisations back
April 2021
It’s important to work with a storage specialist that can map a path to a successful hybrid, multi-cloud strategy that ultimately delivers results in digital transformation projects.
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VMware makes enterprise blockchain platform available
November 2020
The solution provides an extensible and scalable enterprise-grade platform to unlock data silos and free up data to flow securely, privately and instantaneously.
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Pure Storage
Pure Storage adds new capabilities to unstructured storage software
May 2020
The latest updates to FlashBlade enable real-time performance that prioritise application workflows, replacing legacy systems.
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Big Data
How to extract insights from unstructured data
February 2019
“Cohesity has made significant strides to consolidate and further leverage unstructured data."
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Why an ecosystem platform is critical to business growth
November 2018
"The right ecosystem platform can help businesses become more agile."
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How rethinking data storage can unleash AI’s potential
October 2018
With data, AI is just a bunch of fancy code. But in order to capitalise on data’s potential, we need to look critically at how it is stored.
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Managed Services
More than half of UK organisations struggling to use data
September 2018
A new report has found many businesses are floundering with siloed and legacy approaches to data management.
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Digital Transformation
Breaking down silos: Why marketers must reimagine their approach to data
March 2018
cording to a recent report by Microsoft, digital transformation is estimated to add $45 billion to Australia’s GDP by 2021.