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Digital Boost Alliance celebrates one year of digital acceleration in Aotearoa

The Digital Boost Alliance is celebrating one year of boosting digital acceleration in Aotearoa through the collaborative efforts of public and private organisations.

Launched in May 2021, The Digital Boost Alliance is a joint public-private initiative that supports the uptake of digital tools for small businesses, communities, and individuals.

The one-year anniversary, which took this month, was be celebrated at Aucklands Grand Millennium Hotel.

"We are thrilled to celebrate one year of this valuable initiative," says Craig Young, chief executive officer of TUANZ.

"Thank you to all 47 organisations who are involved in the Alliance we appreciate your support and commitment to driving digital acceleration in Aotearoa," he says.

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, over the last two years many business owners had no option but to move to digital platforms in order to continue to generate revenue and meet the changing expectations of their customers. However, small business owners and operators lacked easy access to tools that could facilitate this transformation.

Digital Boost was launched in December 2020 to fulfil the Government's vision of New Zealand having the most digitally-enabled small business sector in the world. The Alliance is a key part of this essential programme. 

"Being part of the Alliance means our members have made commitments that genuinely help New Zealanders and businesses to boost their digital capability," says Young.

"Over the past year, our members have provided subsidised, discounted, and free products and services to small businesses, communities, and individuals to enable this to happen," he says.

The Alliance facilitates regular workshops and feature people who are experts in areas that have been identified as priorities. These voluntary workshops are designed to encourage members to share ideas and knowledge.

Digital Boost Alliance members have committed to a five-year roadmap to help grow Aotearoa's digital capabilities and find ways to reduce barriers to small businesses.

The anniversay event was also an opportunity for Hon. Dr David Clark, Minister for the Digital Economy and Communications, to launch the Digital Strategy for Aotearoa.

"The launch of the Digital Strategy for Aotearoa reflects the importance of initiatives like the Alliance," says Young. 

"We welcome the strategy as a key enabler to unlocking our digital future.

"The Digital Boost Alliance remains committed to developing the resilience of small businesses, communities, and individuals across Aotearoa as the broader shift to digital continues."

What is the Digital Boost Alliance?

"Our Alliance of 47 like-minded organisations is focused on motivating and inspiring businesses, communities and
individuals across Aotearoa to lift their use of digital technologies. To contribute to our collective goals, each Alliance
member makes a public commitment to support Kiwis with subsidised, discounted, or free digital products or

"We believe that giving Kiwis the confidence to accelerate their use of digital business tools, new technologies and
new ways of working is vital to achieving Aotearoa’s economic and social potential. In coming together, we
coordinate and amplify our efforts to drive productivity, wellbeing and social inclusion via greater digital adoption. 

"As an Alliance, we work with Government, the business sector and communities to raise Aotearoa’s digital capability
and confidence in using new and existing technologies. Together we achieve scale and real impact that is greater
than the sum of our separate parts."

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