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NCS & Microsoft boost AI & cloud tech collaboration
Mon, 15th Jan 2024

NCS has announced a new phase of collaboration with Microsoft in the Asia Pacific aimed at helping clients expedite the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cloud solutions. Building on a shared vision for technology-driven innovation, NCS is investing an initial SGD 1.5 million to develop next-generation solutions and intellectual property (IP). The collaboration will also incorporate a new dedicated growth engine for Microsoft solutions to stimulate innovation, sales, and delivery within the organisation.

The strengthening alliance is designed to offer innovative solutions and novel IP developed by NCS and deployed on Microsoft technology to enterprises and governments across the Asia Pacific. Clients will be able to utilise these solutions via the Microsoft marketplace. Eagle-eyed Microsoft technology experts and a team composed of a thousand certified professionals across NCS offices will provide close support to clients across the region. NCS's robust track record in both delivering across the Asia Pacific and localising solutions can be expected to further bolster this support.

Ng Kuo Pin, CEO of NCS, spoke enthusiastically about the strengthened alliance: “This collaboration brings our long-standing partnership with Microsoft to the next level. It strengthens NCS’ commitment to drive innovation and positive impact with our clients and partners for the communities and enterprises we serve across Asia Pacific. We look forward to creating cutting-edge IP, harnessing solutions, and building capabilities in emerging technologies. We are poised to build the next generation of end-to-end solutions, accelerate the digital transformation of industries, and create breakthrough innovations with Microsoft.”

The President of Microsoft Asia, Ahmed Mazhari, added, “We are exhilarated to collaborate with NCS to drive innovation and accelerate growth in Asia Pacific. As AI and cloud technologies breakthrough, Microsoft will continue to invest in progressive technology and solutions that enable organisations and individuals to achieve more.”

As part of the expanded collaboration, NCS will establish a specialised growth engine for Microsoft solutions. This is slated to enhance innovation, sales, and expeditious delivery for the organisation in all six Microsoft solution areas: Infrastructure, Data & AI, Digital & App Innovation, Modern Work, Security, and Business Applications. This will enable enterprise and government clients to better leverage the capabilities of the full suite of Microsoft technologies together with NCS's comprehensive end-to-end solutions and capabilities. This in turn will accelerate their deployment of Cloud Migration and Digital Transformation, aiding them in harnessing the benefits of AI, Hybrid Cloud and Security for greater transformational impact.

NCS will also be making additional Go-to-Market investments. These are designed to deliver clients expeditious access to pre-built and validated Microsoft solutions, helping to accelerate their digital transformation journey, manage growing enterprise complexity, and streamline connectivity and collaboration. NCS plans to work closely with clients to maximise the nuts and bolts of Generative AI, Cloud, Security, and a complete suite of Copilot-powered productivity technologies. This approach is designed to help clients derive higher value from their ecosystem through improved operational performance, transformed customer experience, and new business growth.