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TCS named 'large player' for IoT consultancy services
Wed, 9th Feb 2022
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has been named in the Large Player market presence segment in the Forrester Now Tech: Internet of Things (IoT) Consultancies in APAC, Q1 20221.

The report provides an overview of 17 IoT service providers in Asia Pacific. According to the report, “Working with IoT consultancies shortens your time-to-value and helps you realise a future-fit technology strategy to make your organisation more resilient, adaptive, and creative.

The report stated that TCS' most significant geographic presence in Asia Pacific by revenue is across Japan (60%), South Asia and India (25%), ANZ (10%), and Southeast Asia (5%) and its vertical market focus is in Manufacturing, Consumer Packaged Goods and, Transportation and Logistics.

TCS global head internet of things and digital engineering Regu Ayyaswamy says, “TCS' unique consulting-led approach, investments in domain-specific IoT solutions, and experienced talent pool, make it a preferred partner to enterprises looking to drive IoT-led innovation, enhance customer experience and accelerate their growth and transformation journeys.

TCS offers a comprehensive portfolio of IoT services spanning strategy and consulting services, implementation, technical and business integration services, and post deployment managed services.

These services help organisations create new and pervasive business models, enhanced customer experiences, optimised and responsive value chains, as well as better safety and security at the workplace.

Leveraging its Bringing Life to Things IoT business framework and domain knowledge across industry verticals, TCS has built a set of industry-specific IoT solutions with predictive and self-aware systems that use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to sense and intelligently respond to changes in the physical environment. These include:

TCS IP2: Combines IoT with AI and digital twin technologies to support critical assets, enhance reliability, improve flexibility, cut emissions, enable a better digital experience for workers, and help thermal power plant operators improve plant cycle efficiency by 1-2%.

TCS Clever Energy: An enterprise-level energy and emissions management system, powered by IoT, AI, machine learning and cloud, designed to help commercial and industrial organisations drive energy and cost efficiency, decrease carbon emissions, and become more sustainable.

TCS DigiFleet: A suite of solutions focused on providing real-time actionable insights for assets on the move, and helping organisation reimagine supply chains. Powered by an IoT and AI-ML engine, the suite provides contextual and situational insights on fleet and supply chain operations by analysing real-time data from the heterogeneous ecosystem.

The suite offers modular, industry-specific features on software as a service model to accelerate digitalisation of fleet and supply chains through two pre-built modules.

dPulse: Increases fleet reliability and utilisation, helping reduce fuel and maintenance costs and driving sustainability strategies.

dMove: Predicts supply chain disruptions in a multi-modal, multi-carrier network. It provides insights and unified visibility on route optimisation, parcel condition and ETA prediction.

TCS uses these solutions to help customers in APAC solve problems, adopt new business models like servitisation and gain agility from improved operational awareness, the company states.